TCAV would like to thank the wonderful USPTA Team who made us feel so welcome at the recent USTA Tennis Teachers Conference in New York City as a lead in to the United States Open. Many TCAV members attended the conference including President Julie Fidler, Board members Rob Peterson and Peter Owen, Richard Foley, Mark Sheppard, Mark Stevens, Dan Donnelly, and prize winner James Cooper among others.
USPTA CEO John Embree together with President Gary Trost (originally from Dubbo!) and several other USPTA dignitaries including Feisal Hassan hosted a table of international coaches at a famous Manhattan restaurant. Included on the table were Julie Fidler, Rob Peterson, Peter Owen, and representatives of the Japan Professional Association including President Toshinori Fujinuma and High Performance and Grass-roots Division Managers Jun Hirasawa and Hideki Arai. As it turned out Japan would feature heavily at the business end of the Championships!
The TACV and USPTA with over 150 years of combined service to the tennis coaching industry share a wonderful relationship in the best interests of tennis globally.