Dear TCAV members,

We are excited today in relation to the news that Premier Daniel Andrews announced during his press conference – tennis can reopen.

While it was stated tennis can return at 11.59pm tonight – this particular statement will be guided by Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) directions as derived from the Restricted Activity Directive from Department Health Human Services.

We acknowledge that Tennis Victoria have been in discussions with State Government and we are working closely with them.

We are seeking this definitive information in regard to what we can and can’t do in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, we strongly advise you to maintain contact with your clients and ensure that your COVID-19 protocols are up to date.

Therefore, before returning to the court, the TCAV recommend all coaches have in place the COVID safe ‘Return to Tennis’ protocols, that include the following:

  • All Covid plans are up to date with current dating
  • There has been definitive clarity from your local council and club on approved operations (tennis participation/coaching)
  • Coaches have issued themselves and all staff members (if required) with Permitted Worker Permits (PWP) which can be accessed via this link here
  • Note: any worker who lives more than 25km from the tennis courts will require a PWP.

At last, we can do what we love to do – Play Tennis! As always, let’s make sure we set the example within the sporting community by the professional manner in which we safely return to the court.

See below the communication from Hume Tennis that may be of use guiding your communications with clients over the next few days:

Dear Members & Friends,

We are sure you have heard the announcement from Premier Dan Andrews today, with the great news that tennis clubs in Metro Melbourne are permitted to open from 11:59pm October 18th.

Whilst we are ecstatic about the announcement, we do still require official clearance from Hume Council to re-open the facility (possibly the earliest from Tuesday). We will endeavour to update you on when the courts will be open for play as soon as we receive the green light.

In preparation for re-opening, we want to remind you of the COVID-safe practices and policies Hume Tennis needs to have in place and for players to follow:

  • Players from two households or up to four per court if from same household. 
  • No hiring of equipment i.e rackets, balls, ball machine. 
  • Inside community facilities closed (this includes toilets & change-rooms but these amenities will be made available from next step – 1st November). 
  • Court hiring is to be booked via the Book-A-Court website.
  • A parent is allowed to enter facility with their child who is having a lesson if they are under 18 years old. 


Tim Connelly

TCAV President