The TCAV wishes to explain to our members our position on COVID-19 and its consequences on our industry. As importantly we wish to advise on progress made and preparation in train to have coaches back coaching and restoring their lives and businesses as soon as possible. As stated below this could be as early as May 12 in some capacity so be ready.

Everyone is suffering and we genuinely feel the pain of our colleagues. I trust everyone has done their homework and completed all necessary paperwork and satisfied conditions to access Job Seeker and Job Keeper where eligible. PLEASE be aware that if you (or your employer on your behalf) have registered for Job Keeper you MUST in order to qualify for the JK program CONTINUE to pay ALL eligible employees including yourself the minimum of. $1500 of up to April 30. If you don’t you will NOT QUALIFY and NOT receive back-payments in May. The Prime Minister and Treasurer reinforced that strongly this morning.

Returning to the TCAV involvement in all of this we are of course working closely with our governing bodies to find the balance between playing our role in protecting the community, protecting the reputation of our industry, and in doing so giving us the strongest platform to lobby State and Local Government. This lobbying primarily is to create an understanding of the health benefits tennis can provide during this pandemic and how tennis can easily adapt to meet all responsible safety criteria to protect the health and lives of tennis players and community.

Tennis Victoria made a considered and unanimous decision at Board level to provide an emphatic recommendation to temporarily cease ALL tennis from March 26 across the state including coaching. This was never going to be a popular decision but the underlying rationale and principles behind this was to first and foremost protect the community and secondly to present TENNIS as having reacted in a united and responsible manner in order to strengthen our case to resume immediately restrictions are lifted.

The most recent statement from Tennis Victoria again reiterated this and addressed the legislated clause regarding the permitted use of one court under strict guidelines. TV reiterated their plea to follow the initial recommendation with the additional point that use of a single court was at the mercy, risk, and discretion of the facility or court owner. This is in most cases is local Council as club landlords. Councils have taken different stances but in most cases facilities are closed and any access denied.

The statement from TV can be seen on the TV website.

Each coach or business owner has the right as an independent entity to make a decision based on all the evidence and personal circumstance and TCAV is not here to legislate or condemn but more to assist members who wish to contact us and continue working with the governing bodies and government to get us up back and running ASAP.

Promising news that as we approach the May 11 State Government review there is a strong possibly in the absence of any major outbreak that we could all be back working in some capacity from March 12 as restrictions lift. TCAV and TV are producing scenarios and plans to maximise the return of tennis and to adapt quickly under any new rules or relaxation.

Best wishes as life hopefully begins to return to something more promising and prosperous.