The TCAV enjoyed another brilliant awards night last Sunday at the magnificent Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. The Davis Cup room was filled with tennis coaching royalty including many of our esteemed Hall of Fame inductees and TCAV Legend Norman Cahill. Hall of Fame inductees in attendance included Lois Plowman, Coin Davis, Ian Barclay, Victor Eke, Rupert Ferdinands, Don Cameron, Will Coghlan, Colin Price, Larry Dempster was inducted last night after an amazing coaching career and commitment to his beloved Beaumaris Lawn Tennis Club.

Shane Scrutton from Eaglemont Tennis Club won the George Gilmore Memorial Award for ‘Most Outstanding Club Coach”

A very special and moving part of the night was Mr and Mrs Mattschoss receive the Rookie Coach Award on behalf of their son Michael who recently passed away. This award was shared with another outstanding young coach Ebony Miles. See seperate post.

Finally Lawrence Gileno who travelled to New Orleans on the TCAV tour recently won the TCAV Rising Star award. Lawrence is employed by Tim Connelly’s Complete Tennis and works predominantly out of the amazing new Hume Tennis Centre.

Larry Dempster was inducted into the Hall of Fame in recognition of his amazing contribution to tennis coaching including working with a smorgasbord of high performance players and his 35 year contribution to the Beaumaris Lawn tennis Club. Congratulations Larry.

Start thinking who you might nominate for next year’s awards!