Dear TCAV family,
Thank you for your patience and understanding during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. It has hit everyone very hard and hope both you and your staff were able to access the Job Keeper and Job Seeker programs.
Great news after the Premier and DHHS announced the relaxation of SOE legislation.
Below are two important links for you to interpret. I suggest in all of your communications to Council, Clubs, and clients that you include the words Daniel Andrews hammered in his address…safe, cautious and appropriate.

As can be seen from the links we can do individual or group coaching on each court (strategic use of draw curtains and fenced banks of courts suggested) providing:

– The court / facility owner, committee of management or landlord (Council) approves your return to tennis plan.
– a maximum of ten students per coach (we recommend coaches don’t abuse this and begin smaller ratio such as 1:4)
– social distancing and hygiene measures observed (only coach handles balls…use of pick up tubes which should be sanitised after each lesson…students can hit balls into corner to speed up)
– exit and entry procedures prevent any crossover from groups (easily managed with multiple gates or staggered class times)
– no spectators strongly encouraged (parents can wait in vehicles and preferably be in line of site of young children). If you permit parent or guardian near playing area you will have to include them in your 10 max ratios.
– access to clubhouse is strictly only to use toilets if necessary.

Check out these links:

COVID-19: Return to Tennis

DHHS clarification

Click to access direction-restricted-activity-no-7-signed-2020-05-11.pdf

Good luck everyone and thank you to Tennis Victoria for representing us to achieve this excellent result.