It is with great sadness that we must announce that TCAV Legend Mr. Ian Occleshaw passed peacefully 0n March 29th.

The funeral was held in the Boyd Chapel on April 1 at the Springvale crematorium. It was a beautiful service attended by family, friends, and broad representation from across the tennis community. Our hearts, thoughts, and best wishes go out to Marie and family.

Ian affectionately known to all as “OCC” or “Mr Occ” was the most influential tennis figure in Victoria for over 50 years. His profile can be viewed on this site however Ian’s achievements are well known. He, together with a small group of revolutionary coaches, pioneered tennis coaching as a career. As a founding member of the TCAV Ian created one of the most outstanding, long lasting, and progressive associations supporting and training coaches to perfect their craft.

As a coach Mr Occ was described as hard and fair. He introduced the game to and impacted the lives of generations of tennis players. Take a moment to think of the influence of this wonderful man. All of us making a living out of tennis should pay gratitude to Ian and his endeavours.

The TCAV was a huge part of Ian’s life. He did it all…founding member, President, Secretary, Life Member, Hall of Fame, and inaugural Legend. Tennis coaching is an extremely rewarding yet uncompromising, labour intensive, and sometimes lonely profession. The hours are brutal and coaches often sacrifice important family time. However Ian thrived on the challenge and his incredible love for the sport and his students never faded.

Ian had a marvellous dry sense of humour and wicked smile as can still be seen at 86 years of age in the featured image with Belinda Kleverlaan, On behalf of everyone who was inspired by OCC we say thank you and rest in peace. To Marie and family the TCAV is always here to support you.