The TCAV Board of Management is excited to soon announce the latest recipient of the prestigious Ian Occleshaw Award. The recipient is a true gentleman, character, and absolute icon of tennis in Victoria.
This award was struck soon after the passing and in memory of our inaugural TCAV Legend. The award is to be presented to a person, coach or otherwise, who has committed an outstanding act or made a significant contribution to tennis coaching or to the game of tennis in the spirit and to the standard of the late great Ian Occleshaw.
Only two other very special people have been given this Award since Ian’s passing.
They are Ron Carter from the Frankston Tennis Club in 2014 and Frank Sedgman our inaugural President and Pioneer in 2016.
This award will be presenented at the TCAV Annual Awards ceremony from 5.30pm on Sunday 22nd July at Royal South Yarra Tennis Club.