TCAV was founded in 1956 to support the development of coaches and the game of tennis in Victoria

During an historic meeting at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club in Feburary 1956, the PTAV, Professional Tennis Association Victoria was founded and established by six distinguished Pioneers, Frank Sedgman (1st President), Ian Occleshaw, Kevin Parker, Don Tregonning, Keith Rogers and Keith Harrison. These pioneers set the values, standards and pathways for an association dedicated to the development of tennis coaches and the game or tennis Victoria wide.

During the 60’s, There were two well established tennis coaching schools in Victoria operating in strong competition to each other, the Melbourne School of Tennis and the Victorian School of Tennis.

The Melbourne School of Tennis was run by Ian Occleshaw and Don Tregonning and the Victorian School of Tennis was managed by Chas Wilson, Bill Bailey, Arthur and Alf Rogers, Les Moss, Ron Carter and others. All of the coaches in this era wore long cream trousers and as Norm Cahill (TCAV Legend) fondly remembers, meetings between the LTAV, Lawn Tennis Association Victoria and PTAV were highlights to remember, “Neither would give in”

A Joint board, The LTPAA, Lawn Tennis Professional Association Australia also existed consisting of Neil Guiney, Ron Cummins, Keith Rogers, John Hillebrand, Vic Connell and Norm Cahill. These meeting were held frequently and sometimes went until 3.00am in the morning leaving the passionate  and sociable members mentally exhausted for the next day.

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The PTAV changed it’s name to the TCAV, Tennis Coaches Australia Victoria in 1973 and further fostered the history and spirit of the founding members to celebrate 50 years in 2006. To mark this outstanding achievement, TCAV celebrated 50 years with the inaugural induction of 12 Hall of Fame Coaches. Conducted at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club in 2006, TCAV announced 12 revered and respected coaches, selected by a sub-committee and with formal approval from the Board of Management, who were subsequently inducted under the criteria stated, and their names inscribed onto the TCAV Honour Board.

Norman F Cahill – Don Cameron – Ron Cummins – Leo Guiney – John Hillebrand – Bill Kucks – Denis Lemke – Ian Occleshaw – Bryan Slattery – Keith Rogers – Don Tegonning – Les Wood-Wilson  

These inaugural inductees have been classified as first generation professional coaches whose contributions helped to create Australia’s “golden era of tennis” and who each through their remarkable commitment to tennis coaching have pioneered and trail-blazed the way for all of us today and beyond.

Over the 50 year history there will be many other coaches who will have met such criteria. Each year TCAV members past and present will have the opportunity to nominate their peers and colleagues to join our inaugural Hall of Fame inductees.

In 2008, TCAV inducted our first TCAV Legend, Ian Occleshaw followed by Don Tregonning in 2009 and Norman F Cahill in 2011. Legend status is chosen and awarded by the TCAV Board for significant contribution to TCAV and the game of tennis for over a period of 40 years of more.

TCAV’s dedication and proud tradition for honouring current, past and future tennis coaching professionals is celebrated each year with the TCAV Annual Awards Ceremony. Held at Kooyong Lwan Tennis Club,  the awards ceremony provides an opportunity to add to our history and induct new members to the Honour Board. Categories may include Hall of Fame, Life Members, Legends, George Gilmour Memorial Trophy (Club Coach of the Year), TCAV Rising Star and TCAV Rookie Coach. From 1996 to 2009, TCAV also awarded Coach of the Year which is now Awarded by Tennis Australia as part of their Newcombe Medal Awards.