Hi all TCAV loyal members,

I trust everyone is holding up ok in these brutal times. We are very aware of the level of suffering and distress and again inform you that TA can provide TCAV and TACM members professional counselling and support where necessary.

Despite a couple of uninformed social media posts TCAV, TV, and TA are collectively and individually working around the clock to pull tennis out of this mess. This is not a local issue with a quick fix. It is an unprecedented extremely complex global disaster that requires a spirit of cooperation across every individual, community, agency and governing body as never experienced before. Our Premier is taking the hardest line among all of the States which may serve to cripple many or more likely prove to be a sustainable long term solution for all. We cannot bully anyone let alone the Premier into a quick fix based on our particular needs. We can however strategically and sensitively communicate, demonstrate, and educate State government and associated agencies (VICSPORT, Sport and Recreation Victoria, etc) on how and why Tennis should be one of the first activities / sports to return and in the greatest capacity possible.

As part of the strategy TV is anticipating some likely outcomes at the conclusion of the State of Emergency come May 11 and putting some scenarios and forward planning around such outcomes.

On Monday several coaches across Victoria representing all demographics shared thoughts, concerns, and possible solutions in  a virtual meeting coordinated by TV and attended by CEO Dr Ruth Holdaway, Rufus Keown, and his Coach Development team. TCAV was represented in the meeting along with many industry leaders. Discussion centred around how the tennis coaching industry and club structure may evolve and look during a phased return to tennis.

From that constructive  meeting TV has released the following communication which all coaches should read and consider.

A follow up meeting will be convened post SOE period on May 11 and we invite any members to contribute their thoughts prior.