Although it has been an extremely disrupted and challenging period we congratulate all of you who continue to navigate and innovated through this ongoing nightmare.  It is soul destroying to have slowly built our businesses back up to something functional to be the hit with a sledgehammer again. Julie Fidler our President has been sending members updates as we continually work with all levels of government and health and sporting authorities to get the best result for coaches during this time.

Sadly we have must again cease operation as stage 4 restrictions are applied. This is an unprecedented event frustratingly outside of our control. The DHHS, SRV, and TV advise that NO COACHING is permissible for the six week lockdown. If the virus is contained and the reproductive index reduces dramatically we will be seeking for an exemption to resume coaching ASAP. Please contact us at TCAV if you need assistance or support.

The TV coach development team and TCAV are working on developing some online webinars during this lockdown featuring prominent and influential tennis identities. We will let all members know as we put these together and welcome any suggestions for content or personnel to include.